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Pokémon inhabit the world in many different places, but where can you find them? Everywhere, of course! Certain Pokémon live in specific areas, and can even live in your home. It is important to compete in the Pokémon League, but it's even more important to form a bond with them. They can be find in every region, but what are the regions of the Pokémon world?

The Kanto region is where Generation 1 Pokémon can be found. Also known as the original or first region of the world, it was the first place young trainers could explore in their long journey to beat the League. It was revealed that Kanto is east of the Johto region, and later, south of the Sinnoh region. This region can only be accessible in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver after the main story is completed. All of the cities excluding Pallet Town are named after cities, slightly opening an eye to the developers' creativity. What makes this region interesting and realistic is that it was based off the Kanto region in Japan, and can be seen in the structure of some buildings.

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The Johto region is practically an expansion of the Kanto region, but west of the Pokémon league. It is also said in the later franchise that Johto is south of Sinnoh as well. First featured in Gold and Silver version, the trainer can encounter Gen 1 Pokémon as well as 100 newly released Pokémon, dubbed Gen 2. A new region introduces new gyms and leaders, with interesting backstories. New legendary Pokémon were also introduced with stunning and fresh designs, and fans were impressed. It also holds amazing structures and new places to discover, such as the Brass Tower, Battle Frontier, Ruins of Alph, and the Safari Zone Gate.

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The next region is called the Hoenn region, and is home to even more Pokémon. The region was first created when the two legendaries, Kyogre and Groudon, began a fight that angered the sea and made the ground tremble viciously. It was only intercepted when Rayquaza, the legendary Pokémon of the sky, came down and unleashed his wrath, sending the two to never be seen again. Most of the cities in this region are made from two words put together, such as the starting point "Littleroot Town." The remakes of the original series, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, includes a small afterstory that follows the trainer and Zinnia, a mysterious trainer, who has some interest in Rayquaza. Little did they know, there was something else that had an interest in the legendary as well.

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The Sinnoh region is located north of the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions. Most of the snow indicates the cold temperatures up north as well. Unlike Gen 3's layout, the routes of Sinnoh are mostly on land instead of having many water routes. Similar to Kanto and Johto, the region has a giant mountain named Mt. Coronet splitting most of the land in half. Legend says this was the first region to be created when a small egg came out a void and hatched into a Pokémon called Arceus. After creating the 3 legendary Pokémon and the guardians of the lakes, Arceus finally created the orbs belonging to the legendaries and fell into a deep sleep at the Hall of Origin.

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Since the Unova region is so far from the previous regions, it has more diverse Pokémon with a complete change of designs. This region's design is pulled from the bustling state of New York, and can be shown most of the cities. Some examples are Castelia City, which represents lower Manhattan, Nimbasa City, which represents Broadway, and even Nacrene City, which represents the lofts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It takes it landmarks from the entire state, even the more rural and urban area, such as factories and windmills. This was also the first region to introduce Pokémon Musicals, a feature where you could dress up your Pokémon and send them onstage. There you could have a max of 2 actions, 1 per hand prop. These could be used to steal spotlight from others and make the audience very impressed with your performance. It also itroduced the Battle Subway, where you could make your way through the train to defeat trainers and get BP. The Unova region was formed by the battle of the two brothers, who commanded two parts of one life form, resulting in one being unable to defeat the other. The brothers continued to fight, however, and the legendaries continued to battle until they finally destroyed the region and disappeared.

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The region of Kalos is shaped like a 5-pointed star, the center of the region being the bustling Lumiose City, which is also where the 5th gym leader resides. The creator named this region based off the Greek word that meant "beauty". While also having unique geography, Gen 6 also introduced a new type: Fairy types. Weak to Steel and Poison yet effective against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting, the trainers of Kalos were well prepared to face any unsuspecting opponent from another region. The games also introduced more interactions with the lower screen, including Pokémon Amie and Super Training. It also had a new feature, Mega Evolution. There were certain conditions trainer and their Pokémon had to pass in order to succefully Mega Evolve: they must have the specific Pokémon's stone, the trainer must have a Mega Bracelet, and they must have a strong bond with their Pokémon (mostly in the anime). Kalos was also shown to be far away from the other regions, requiring an airplane to travel between them, as shown in the anime. To the north lies many cold cities while to the south lies many bodies of water. 3000 years before, the Kalos war occured and the ultimate weapon was built. Later, Xerneas and Yveltal released or absorbed all life energy around them, causing them to withdraw to hibernation and tranformation. The legendary Pokémon of life was rooted into the ground as a white tree and the legendary Pokémon of destruction was sealed away as a cocoon.

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As one of the most relaxing regions in the world, many trainers come to the Alola region for vacation or to battle more formidable opponents. Made up of 4 islands, it attracts tourists from every region. Because of the soothing aura, people and Pokémon have a closer relationship compared to any other region. Any trainer of the region has their sights set on the Battle Tree, a place where you can team up or go solo against a skilled opponent. Even some of the most famous trainers come to test their skills, such as Cynthia, Red, Blue, Wally, Annabelle, and Grimsley. Sun and Moon also have a new feature that allows you to defend your title as champion. Of course, you must fight your way through the Elite Four again, but once you reach the Champion's room, a challenger will approach you. Some will be those who have approached you before, and some will be new trainers whose weakness you have to discover. The most difficult change for fans was the Trial Captains and island Kahunas. The Trial Captains are basically the gym leaders of the region, and only when you win against a Kahuna will you be able to progress to the next island. Like Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, the games have an afterstory. It follows the trainer and his agreement with a suspicious man, one who wants to look into the case of Ultra Beasts. Along with another special agent, the trainer is sent to research the mysterious creatures and the topic of "Beast Balls."

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The Galar region is the region of Pokemon Sword and Shield! More information will come soon.
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The fire starter is Scorbunny.
The water starter is Sobble.
The grass starter is Grookey.

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