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The many worlds of the Pokémon games are widely inhabited by creatures called Pokémon. Big or small, they travel across the regions, roaming freely until they are confronted by people called trainers. A trainer's job is to be the very best by catching Pokémon, training them, and battling with them. The ultimate goal of any trainer is to defeat all 8 Gym Leaders and enter the Pokémon league.

The gyms are solid tests of courage and bravery and are meant to prove that a trainer is worthy. Gyms can be found all over the region, appearing in all shapes and sizes. The interior holds many surprises, revealing what you would not expect to be a gym. The purpose is to overcome all challenges the gym throws at you, whether it be electrifying switches or a giant puzzle that's meant to be solved. After surpassing the trainers waiting in ambush, the trainer must battle for the gym badge. Many gym leaders specialize in only one type of Pokémon: dragon, ice, water, etc. and you must use everything you have to beat them. These challenges are rigorous, so train up and get ready to go all out!

The Pokémon league is the most important goal in your life as a trainer. The room is rather small, but is decorated according to its trainer's personalities. It always consists of a Pokéball design on the floor, but the rest of the room is solely up to the designer themselves. The rooms can range from bright and sparkly to grim and eerie. However, it is not the room you should pay that much attention to, but rather the member of the Elite Four that resides inside. Gather strong Pokémon that can counter your opponents weakness, or get TMs that can teach your Pokémon moves of different types. This will help you gain the upper hand, and change the flow of battle. Of course, these trainers aren't going down without a fight. Their Pokémon have abilities that can help them in battle, such as sturdy, or even aftermath. Some Pokémon can have deadly moves as well, so defeat them before they defeat you!

Of course, no game can truly be called a game without a band of villains plotting to bring down the world with their evil motives. All of the Pokémon games have at least one major villain that has been secretly sneaking around in the shadows. Although some are out in the open from the start, some of the organizations have pretended to be allies only to betray the hero in the end. This is probably one of the second biggest fights in the game, and rarely leads to a credit roll. To stop them, you must hit them with full force. They have formidable Pokémon at their disposal and can hit with deadly precision and power, so make sure you have a lot of full restores on hand. Their Pokémon can also be extremely bulky, so its better to take them out with attacks that are super effective. Even though the grunts may be no problem, the commanders are something to watch out for.

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